5 Hair Colouring Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Hair

5 Hair Colouring Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Hair | AVEDA Hair Colour Salon

We all want our hair to look great after we color it. But what many of us don’t realize is that we need to care for our hair in the right way to maintain it after the great color job we got at our salon, and knowing how to get the right color in general.

This article aims to explain the top 5 hair coloring mistakes we all commonly make so that they won’t be so common anymore.

Low-quality products = low-quality hair

Colour-treated hair is much more fragile than untreated hair. It doesn’t matter what colour and how much of it is used. So obviously, it requires more care. Using low quality products can rough up your hair. We recommend using AVEDA Nutriplenish shampoo that moisturizes and nourishes your hair.

This shampoo is devoid of sulphates. It’s also preferable to apply an everyday conditioner that also treats the hair — that should be left on preferably for 2–3 minutes before rinsing it off. We also recommend using a weekly hydrating mask.

You can go for AVEDA Nutriplenish shampoo conditioner and leave-in treatments, which are for nutrition powered hydration. Additionally, AVEDA Botanical shampoo conditioner and masque can help you strengthen your hair.

Too Much or Too Little Purple Shampoo

These are the deep violet shampoos usually advertised for blonde hair, although brunettes that love the sun like to use them too.

Their purple (cool) pigment cancels out any warmth your hair may experience in between services. It is advisable to them once a week to keep colour bright. But be cautious, do not use them more frequently than that. This is because there’s a possibility that they can make your hair dry and deposit a bluish violet tone in it.

Going too dark to combat the greys

You might think it makes sense to drown out those sneaky white and gray strands with some darker dye, but according to what the hair experts have to say, you’re hugely mistaken. This colour can end up being so severe and harsh that it makes their appearance out to be older.

On the flip side, many women who have 60 to 100 percent gray hair find that their regrowth appears less when they go with a lighter colour. While this may be fundamentally true, these women more often than not end up having very drab looking dark blonde with no dimension.

When you visit KAPLANatelier, the stylist will match your skin tone to the appropriate hair tone and depth. He/she will also often incorporate a few highlights to give movements and contrast.

Improper protection during summertime

Your hair in the summer needs you to protect them the same way you protect your skin. Think about it, would you go out in the sun without sunscreen? Protecting your colour-treated tresses in the sun, chlorine, and saltwater is just as necessary as SPF for your skin!

This is essential to prevent your colour from fading and becoming dry. Hair needs to be prepped before you swim, and it needs to be taken care of afterward as well. Your hair should be wet, and apply conditioner before soaking yourself in a mineral spring or chlorine-treated pool.

We also recommend you to wear a swimming cap. Along with it, you can also use a special sun-sensitive shampoo like AVEDA Sun-Care Shampoo after exposure to the sun. Otherwise, chemicals in the water can turn your hair green, yellow, or orange if you’re extremely blonde.

Improper care of red hair

Red hair needs a bit more attention, just like blonde hair does. While red hair may be a favorite go-to colour for women, many of them don’t factor in the amount of attention they’ll actually need to give it.

Red is a stubborn colour, difficult to remove and difficult to keep lustrous. So to protect your red hair, refrain from washing your hair for a whole 48 hours after you’ve gotten it coloured because if you don’t, you’ll be at risk of losing that fresh vibrancy

Is your hair colour fading, but you’re not ready for a touch-up just yet? No worry, just schedule a gloss with your colourist to bring back the depth and radiance.


We hope you enjoyed and became more informed about the possible coloring mistakes you may have otherwise made!

However, you might still be thinking about whether your colourist at the salon will understand your concerns. But not to panic, we at KAPLANatelier, the best AVEDA hair salon in London understand your hair color needs entirely.

You can give us a follow on Instagram to check out our specialties! What are you waiting for? Call 207–727–0887 today to book your next appointment with our colourists. Don’t worry, we WON’T make these coloring mistakes on your hair!

Kaplan Atelier is a chic avant-garde AVEDA salon that boasts one of the finest blow-dries, balayage and exceptional colours in London.

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